Let us tell you about our pricing structure and why it’s important to us.

Our Philsophy

We don’t think it’s right for you to pay the same price per person whether you have 2 people throwing on a target or 6 people.
– The more people that share the same target.
– The less throwing time you get for each person.
So we feel that you should pay less per person.

We prefer a much fairer system where the more people you have on each target the less you pay per person. To maximise the time you actually get throwing axes and to give you more personal tuition time throughout the session we only have up to 4 people per target.

This brings our pricing for each target to:
– 2 people is £40
– 3 people is £50
– 4 people is £60

When you book you get the option to choose whether to have less targets and have our cheapest price or for a little extra to have more targets so that each person will get more time throwing axes.

The best example of this is for a group of 4:
– £60 gets you 1 target for 75 minutes
– £80 gets you 2 targets for 75 minutes
This doubles your axe throwing time for just £5 extra per person

If you had a group of 6 people you would have a couple of options:
– Book 2 targets for £100 and have 3 people per target.
– Book 3 targets for £120 and have 2 people per target.

We feel this is a much fairer system than putting all 6 of you on a single target for £120 and giving each of you barely more than 10 minute of actual throwing time.

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